The Reason Why “The World Ain’t All Sunshine And Rainbows”

By Chad Howse

Somewhere down the line we, as a species, began to think that happiness, success, and the life we
The Occupy Movement began with good intentions, but morphed into a beast that held this world view. What began as a call for justice, turned into a war cry for hand-outs, to receive the riches that others worked to earn.
dream about, is our right, not an earned privilege. Simply by being born into this world, we should receive what we want; not due to merit, as the result of work, sacrifice, and persistence, but because we, are we. We’re a gift to this world and we should be compensated as such.

Here’s a fact that only Rocky Balboa could so eloquently convey…
“The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place. And I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there if you let it. You me or nobody is going to hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward.”
The world is a mean and nasty place. It’s heartless. It doesn’t care if you or I succeed or fail. Sure, there are a lot of good, honest people on this planet who do care, but the world, the majority of the people in it, the system, and our society aren’t as concerned or vested in your life as so many seem to believe they are.
Anything you get in life has to be earned through hard work, sacrifice, and persistence. There’s no such thing as a free ride. It doesn’t exist.

If Success Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It
There’s also a common misconception that being an entrepreneur is an easy road. The age of information has shown us the fruits of labor of the successful, but it rarely shows the tough road taken to that eventual success – a road that few would take if they knew all that it would entail, including the missing guarantee of success that many feel is at the end of every journey.
The road to success is always shared with uncertainty. No one knows that success is at the end of the tunnel, they may have faith – actually, all who are successful have faith – that what they’re doing will turn out alright, but they don’t know.
It’s uncertainty that leads to so many quitting before success is realized. It’s grit that keeps those who are willing to work and persist and evolve, in the game long enough to see their baby, their dream, their creation, fulfilled.

When the majority of “wannabe” entrepreneurs start out on their road to success, they think they’re unique. They believe that them being them is enough to warrant wealth. In this naiveté they become soft. In this dream of an easy American Dream, they fail to develop the toughness that has to come along on an entrepreneurs lonely adventure.

If more would realize that success isn’t easily attained, nor should it be, but earned through long, uncertain, and lonely nights, aided only by an internal toughness and grit that propels a select few to work while others party, drink, and play, many more would be successful in life, not just in business.
The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place. When they say that only the strong survive in business, and in life, they mean it.

This article isn’t meant to deter you from pursuing your dream, it was written to have a completely different effect: to inspire.
Those who read this article see a challenge; a challenge directed at them, and them alone, to fight for the vision, to pursue their dream, and to show themselves, and the world, that they are one of the few who are tough enough, gritty enough, and strong enough to create the life they want, to live the life they want, and to build the vision they have.

Accept the challenge; fight daily, work nightly, and persist. When I said people don’t care whether you succeed or not, I added, at least to their knowledge for a reason…

The world needs you to succeed. It needs your vision to become a reality so you can benefit the rest of humanity. Whether it’s your business that will help others directly, or your story that will inspire others to think big and truly experience all that this beautiful life should offer; your success is needed. So, please, take the challenge, rise up, fight, and persist. The nights will be long, the road will be unforgiving, but you have the grit to push through, to break through, and to succeed.

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International Postgraduate Research Scholarships ( IPRS) at the University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle offers a number of postgraduate research scholarships to support international research candidates.The Department of Immigration, Industries, Science and Research (DIISR) of the Australian Government offers International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) to support international students in high quality research programs at Australian universities

Host school:
University of Newcastle 

Target students:
Application is open to students from all countries with the exception of Australian and New Zealand citizens or Australian permanent residents.

Scholarship value:
These scholarships cover the full tuition fee and medical insurance for a period of two years for a Master’s degree and three years for a Doctoral degree. Recipients of an IPRS will also be awarded a University of Newcastle Research Scholarship which provides a living allowance ($22,860 p.a. in 2011), a relocation allowance and a thesis allowance.

Three years for a PhD degree and two years for a Master’s degree, less any previous tenure towards a research higher degree at the same level.

Applicants must meet eligibility requirements before the closing date and must have an offer of admission to a research higher degree. Applicants for all schemes must have completed at least four years of undergraduate study and have attained Honours Class 1 or equivalent.
Applicants whose first language is not English must submit evidence of attaining:
•    TOEFL score of at least 575 (minimum score of 4.5 in the TWE) – paper based test. Computer based test requires score of at least 232 (minimum score of 4.5 Essay Rating);
•    IELTS score of at least 6.5 with no individual subtest score less than 6.
Note that applicants are not eligible for:

•    Support for a research Master degree if they already hold a research Master degree or equivalent;
•    Support from any RHD scholarship if they already hold a research Doctoral degree or equivalent;
•    UNRS if they have previously held an equivalent scholarship for six months or more, for the same award.

Please note that any student who has already commenced a research higher degree in Australia and has been previously considered for IPRS is not eligible to re-apply for this scholarship.

Closing date: 31 August each year.
To apply please click here

NNPC/ESSO International Postgraduate Scholarship Awards For Nigerians

In continuation of its efforts to provide opportunities for developing careers in the petroleum industry, Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (EEPNL) is offering International Scholarships to outstanding Nigerian graduates who wish to pursue their dream of postgraduate masters studies abroad in the disciplines listed below. 

Essential requirements include:
1.    Must be a graduate from a Nigerian University with relevant degree
2.    Must possess a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of second class upper division in any of the Engineering and Geosciences disciplines listed below.
3.    Must have provisional admission/accomodation into any reputable University.
Employees of ExxonMobil subsidiary companies in Nigeria and their dependents are NOT eligible for this scholarship.

Targeted students
Citizens of Nigeria ONLY

Host School
All accredited Universities abroad (outside the shores of Nigeria)

Course of study
Scholarships are to outstanding Nigerian graduates in the following disciplines:
•    Geosciences
•    Engineering (Petroleum, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Electronics, Sub-sea and Marine)
Number of awards
Not specified, it depends on how fast you are

Scholarship duration
Will last throughout the duration of the masters program

The EEPNL Scholarship award applies to tuition, books, accommodation and living expenses for the duration of the selected course of study, including airfare to and from the location of study.

Method of Application

If you are qualified and interested, please complete the ‘Online Form’ found when you click the link(to apply, please click here) on the foot page on this blog and submit as instructed.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted with details of the qualifying test via SMS text and email. Shortlisted candidates should be prepared to take a skills test. Strict compliance with our guidelines is advisable.


On or before 4th July 2013
To apply, please click here

AGIP Scholarship For Nigerian Students 2013 (Batch B)

As part of its support to educational development and human capacity building, Nigeria Agip Oil Company, operator of NNPC/NAOC Joint Venture awards annual scholarships to qualified students in Nigerian Universities
Awards will be made to qualified and suitable students from every state of the Federation including the Federal Capital Territory (Nigeria)

Due to the just Concluded NAOC
Scholarship test that was slated for May 11th 2013 ,AGIP wish to reopen the portal for Students who were unable to apply in the recent just concluded NAOC Scholarship test.
These group are known as the Batch B Candidates.Applicants of this group,will be given the priviledge to apply and also take their Scholarship Test Online via the Portal.
All aplicants are advised to attempt all questions because these will be used as a Criteria for Awards.
Sorry its coming late, but nothing is too late.
To apply, please click here

7 Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre People

I’m pretty mediocre. I’m not even being sarcastic or self-deprecating. I’ve never done anything that stands out as, “Woah! This guy made it into outer space! Or…this guy has a bestselling novel! Or…if only Google had thought of this!” I’ve had some successes and some failures but never reached any of the goals I had initially set. Always slipped off along the way, off the yellow brick road, into the wilderness.

I’ve started a bunch of companies. Sold some. Failed at most. I’ve invested in a bunch of startups. Sold some. Failed at some, and the jury is still sequestered on a few others. I’ve written some books, most of which I no longer like. I can tell you overall, though, everything I have done has been distinguished by its mediocrity, its lack of a grand vision, and any success I’ve had can be just as much put in the luck basket as the effort basket.

That said, all people should be so lucky. We can’t all be grand visionaries. We can’t all be Picassos. We want to make our business, make our art, sell it, make some money, raise a family, and try to be happy. My feeling, based on my own experience, is that aiming for grandiosity is the fastest route to failure. For every Mark Zuckerberg there are 1000 Jack Zuckermans. Who is Jack Zuckerman? I have no idea. That’s my point. If you are Jack Zuckerman and are reading this, I apologize. You aimed for the stars and missed. Your re-entry into the atmosphere involved a broken heat shield and you burned to a crisp by the time you hit the ocean. Now we have no idea who you are.

If you want to get rich, sell your company, have time for your hobbies, raise a halfway decent
family, and enjoy the sunset with your wife on occasion, here are some of my highly effective recommendations.

1 – Procrastination
Procrastination is your body telling you you need to back off a bit and think more about what you are doing. When you procrastinate as an entrepreneur it could mean that you need a bit more time to think about what you are pitching a client. It could also mean you are doing work that is not your forte and that you are better off delegating. I find that many entrepreneurs are trying to do everything when it would be cheaper and more time-efficient to delegate, even if there are up front monetary costs associated with that. In my first business, it was like a lightbulb went off in my head the first time I delegated a programming job to someone other than me. Why did I decide finally to delegate then at that particular point? I had a hot date. Which was infinitely better than me sweating all night on some stupid programming bug.

Try to figure out why you are procrastinating. Maybe you need to brainstorm more to improve an idea. Maybe the idea is no good as is. Maybe you need to delegate. Maybe you need to learn more. Maybe you don’t enjoy what you are doing. Maybe you don’t like the client whose project you were just working on. Maybe you need to take a break. There’s only so many seconds in a row you can think about something before you need to take time off and rejuvenate the creative muscles. This is not for everyone. Great people can storm right through. Steve Jobs never needed to take a break. But I do.

Procrastination could also be a strong sign that you are a perfectionist. That you are filled with shame issues. This will block you from building and selling your business. Examine your procrastination from every side. It’s your body trying to tell you something. Listen to it.

2 – Zero-tasking
There’s a common myth that great people can multi-task efficiently. This might be true but I can’t do it. I have statistical proof. I have a serious addiction. If you ever talk on the phone with me there’s almost a 100% chance I am simultaneously playing chess online. The phone rings and one hand reaches for the phone and the other hand reaches for the computer to initiate a one minute game. Chess rankings are based on a statistically generated rating system. So I can compare easily how well I do when I’m on the phone compared with when I’m not on the phone. There is a three standard deviation difference. Imagine if I were talking on the phone and driving. It’s the same thing I’m assuming: phone calls cause a three standard deviation subtraction in intelligence. And that’s the basic multi-tasking we all do at some point or other.

So great people can multi-task. But since, by definition, most of us are not great , it’s much better to single-task. Just do one thing at a time.

Often, the successful mediocre entrepreneur should strive for excellence in ZERO-tasking. Do nothing. We always feel like we have to be “doing something” or we feel ashamed. Sometimes it’s better to just be quiet, to not think of anything at all. A very successful, self-made businessman once told me, “Never underestimate the power of a long, protracted silence.”

3 – Failure
As far as I can tell, Larry Page has never failed. He went straight from graduate school to billions. Ditto for Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and a few others. But again, by definition, most of us are pretty mediocre. We can strive for greatness but we will never hit it. That means we will often fail. Not ALWAYS fail. But often.

My last 16 out of 17 business attempts were failures. Ultimately, life is a sentence of failures, punctuated only by the briefest of successes. So the mediocre entrepreneur learns two things from failure: First, he learns directly how to overcome that particular failure. He’s highly motivated to not repeat the same mistakes. Second, he learns how to deal with the psychology of failure. Mediocre entrepreneurs fail A LOT. So they get this incredible skill of getting really good at dealing with failure. This translates to monetary success.

The mediocre entrepreneur understands that persistence is not the self-help cliché “Keep going until you hit the finish line!” It’s, “Keep failing until you accidentally no longer fail.” That’s persistence.

4 – Not Original
I’ve never come up with an original idea in my life. My first successful business was making web software, strategies, and websites for Fortune 500 companies. Not an original idea but at the time, in the 90s, people were paying exorbitant multiples for such businesses. My successful investments all involved situations where I made sure the CEOs and other investors were smarter than me. 100% of my zeros as an angel investor were situations where I thought I was smart. I wasn’t. I’m mediocre.

The best ideas are when you take two older ideas that have nothing to do with each other, make them have sex with each other, and then build a business around the bastard, ugly child that results. Look at Facebook: combine the internet with stalking. Amazing!

And, by the way, it was about the fifth attempt at such a social network. Twitter, combine internet with antiquated SMS protocols. Ugly! But it works. Ebay, combine ecommerce with auctions. If Justin Bieber sang John Lennon’s “Imagine” it would be a huge hit. I might even listen to it.

5 – Poor Networking
I’m that guy. You know the one at the party that doesn’t talk to anyone and stands in the corner. I usually say no to very nice networking dinner invitations. I like to stay home and read. When I was running businesses I was often too shy to talk to my employees. I would call my secretary from downstairs and ask if the hallway was clear, then ask her to unlock my door and I’d hurry upstairs and lock the door behind me. That particular company failed disastrously.

But many people network too much. Entrepreneurship is hard enough. It’s 20 hours a day of managing employees, customers, meetings, and product development. And then what are you going to do? Network all night? Save that for the great entrepreneurs. Or the ones who are about to fail. The mediocre entrepreneur works his 20 hours, then relaxes when he can. It’s tough to make money.

6 – Do Anything To Get A “Yes.”
Here’s a negotiation I did. I was starting and meeting with the CEO of He wanted his company to have a percentage of and in exchange he would fill up all of our ad inventory. I was excited to do the deal. I said, “Ok, I was thinking you would get 10% of the company.” He laughed and said, “No. 50%”. He didn’t even say “We would like 50%”. He just said, “50%”. I then used all my negotiating skills and came up with a reply. “Okay. Deal.”

I’m a salesman. I like people to say yes to me. When I started a company doing websites we were pitching to do “”. I said, “$50,000″. They said, “No more than $1,000 and that’s a stretch.” I used my usual technique: “Deal!”

But the end results: in one case had a significant financial stake so that gave them more psychological stake. And for my first business, Miramax was now on my client list. That’s why Con Edison had to pay a lot more. Often, the secret poor negotiators keep is that we get more deals done. I get the occasional loss leader, and then ultimately the big fish gets reeled in if I get enough people to say “yes”. It’s like asking every girl on the street to have sex with you. One out of 100 will say “yes”. In my case it might be one out of a million but you get the idea.

7 – Poor Judge of People
The mediocre entrepreneur doesn’t “Blink” in the Malcolm Gladwell sense. In Gladwell’s book he often talks about people who can form snap correct judgments in two or three seconds. My initial judgment when I meet or even see people is this: I hate you.

And then I veer from that to too trusting. Finally, after I bounce back and forth, and through much trial and error, I end up somewhere in the middle. I also tend to drop people I can’t trust very quickly. I think the great entrepreneur can make snap judgments and be very successful with it. But that doesn’t work for most people.

At this point, when I meet someone, I make sure I specifically don’t trust my first instincts. I get to know people more. I get to understand what their motivations are. I try to sympathize with whatever their position is. I try not to argue or gossip about them before I know anything. I have to do this because I’m mediocre and I’m a lot more at risk of bringing the wrong people into my circle.

So by the time I’ve decided to be close to someone–a client, an employee, an acquirer, an acquiree, a wife, etc–I’ve already done a lot of the thinking about them. This means I can’t waste time thinking about other things, like how to put a rocket ship on Jupiter. But overall it’s worked.

“I thought being mediocre is supposed to be bad?” one might think. Shouldn’t we strive for greatness? And the answer is: “Of course we should! But let’s not forget that 9 out of 10 motorists think they are ‘above average drivers.’” People overestimate themselves. Don’t let overestimation get in the way of becoming fabulously rich, or at least successful enough that you can have your freedom, feed your family, and enjoy other things in life.

Final Words

Being mediocre doesn’t mean you won’t change the world. It means being honest with yourself and the people around you. And being honest at every level is really the most effective habit of all if you want to have massive success

Culled from addicted2success

How To Structure The Perfect Plan For Your Success

By Geoff Edwards.

Life can be very demanding and the things you have to deal with on a daily basis can have a huge impact on your energy levels and the achievement of your success. For example, not having enough time to focus on the important aspects of your life and lack of progress towards meaningful goals and overwhelm.
Each of these situations drains your reserves. Once you experience powerlessness, your brain “bookmarks” it and it is no surprise that it reappears again. To re-enforce this, you add convenient stories, such as, “I haven’t had the breaks”, or, “The times are just getting worse.”

What motivates you?
Power needs to come from within you, however, it is important to understand that you are responsible for your own power alone. So, what gets you up in the morning and drives you every day? This should be a question you ask yourself daily. What gives you the desire to do whatever it takes to succeed? Is it your drive for connection with others, growth as an individual, contribution, or how you will feel when you achieve your goals? It is important for all of us to know this so that we can approach our day with the total focus required for success.

Staying driven can be a challenge — your drive can be attacked by negative thoughts and anxiety about the future. Everyone faces doubt at some stage in their lives however, what separates the average performer from the highly successful is your ability to keep moving forward. Take a moment to imagine the single biggest thing that motivates you to succeed. If you want to be your own boss, win a fitness competition, start a charitable cause, write a book – what is the biggest driver of those desires?
•    Is it money? Status? Fame?
•    Do you want more time with your family?
•    What about security?
•    Do you love doing something so much that being able to do it for a living drives you?
•    Do you need the autonomy of working for yourself?

Now that you have an insight into what drives you, it is important to have inspiring goals for success that also allow for balance in your life. Goal setting is about creating new possibilities in your life, to have a life filled with meaning and purpose and having goals that you will be excited and passionate about leading to a new you. For example, start your new business by July 2013, or writing your new book on success by December 2013.
 What is your plan for success?
It is all very well to have goals, however, how focused are you on achieving your outcomes? As individuals we carry out many roles, for example parent, wife/husband or manager and you we need to ensure you have balance in each of these areas as well as look after yourselves and spend time with your family and friends. We live in a fast paced world, very much like an express train and what you must decide is when you need to get off that train and spend time on important things, for example, time for reflection, enjoying an amazing sunset etc. This all becomes a balance of urgent versus important, understanding how you feel about constantly being in urgent mode, what it costs you, or alternatively, what it would be like being in a relaxed situation and totally focused. Each of us needs to be aware of the right balance and focus for success.
Techniques for balancing your time will effectively reduce the amount of stress in your life? There are several things you can do to keep yourself organized and on top of your career, not to mention your very busy social life! Here are a few tips for surviving the year with your sanity intact – start using them now, and your chances of successfully balancing your time throughout the year will be much improved!
•    Use a time management system to keep track of your life.
•    Review your goals and schedule in blocks of time each week
•    Manage around these blocks of time ensuring that your decisions are based on your goals and your true values
•    Review progress daily

Knowing what drives you is a key factor for success. Once you know this you will be totally motivated to focus on your goals and create the right approach for success in your life. It is important to acknowledge achievements and remember:
“Success Breeds Success”

culled from: Addicted2success

Monash International Students Art Scholarship

The Faculty of arts in the Monash university is willing to offer merits scholarships to arts students all over the world. The scholarships is both for undergraduate and post graduate studies

Host school:
University of monash

Targeted Students:
Students from New zealand, Australia and internationa students


Total value up to $4000  
 •    $4000 for a full time study load (48 credit points) paid per year until the minimum points for your degree are completed (for the highest achieving student)
•    $3000 for a full time study load (48 credit points) paid per year until the minimum points for your degree are completed (for all other students)

Number offered:
The number offered varies

– Based on academic achievement
– Minimum of a high distinction average (80% or above) in your undergraduate major/honours specialisation

All conditions must be met   
•    Australian or New Zealand citizen, holder of an Australian permanent resident visa or permanent humanitarian visa, international student
•    Commencing an honours program in the Faculty of Arts at a Monash campus in Australia
•    You must maintain a minimum of a distinction average (70% or above) each semester

Please visit this link for more details, and also this link

Monash University International Student Scholarships

Monash University, the leading University in Australia and one of top 100 Universities in the world is offering a number of scholarship programs for outstanding international students:
•  Monash University International Excellence Scholarships
•  Monash University International Leadership Scholarships
•  Monash University International Merit Scholarships

Host school:
Monash University in Australia

Any full-time undergraduate or postgraduate (coursework) program offered at the University

Target student:
International students from around the world
Scholarship value/inclusions:
•  Monash University International Excellence Scholarships:  Total average value of up to $50,000 – $10,000 for a full-time study load (48 credit points), paid per year until the minimum points for your degree are completed.
•  Monash University International Leadership Scholarships: 100% course fees* paid until the minimum number of points for your degree are completed.
•  Monash University International Merit Scholarships:  $10,000 for a full time study load (48 credit points) paid per year until the minimum number of points for your degree are completed.

•  Monash University International Excellence Scholarships:
– International student
– Studying Australian Year 12 or IB in 2012
– Intending to enrol in an undergraduate degree at a Monash campus in Australia
– ATAR of 98.00
• Monash University International Leadership Scholarships:
– International student
– Commencing a full time undergraduate or postgraduate (coursework) degree at a Monash campus in Australia
• Monash University International Merit Scholarships
–  International student
– Commencing or continuing a full time undergraduate or postgraduate (coursework) degree at a Monash campus in Australia, or
– Applying to Monash from another institution or pathway program.

Application instructions:
For Monash University International Excellence Scholarships,  no application is necessary – find out more about application information.
For Monash University International Leadership Scholarships, you must submit a separate application form for this scholarship. You must also submit an application for a Monash course before applying for this scholarship
For Monash University International Merit Scholarships, you must submit a separate application form for this scholarship. Before you apply for this scholarship, please ensure that your Monash application has been received by the university and processed for a course offer. You must submit an application for a Monash course before applying for this scholarship as your Monash course information is required for the scholarship application.

The next deadline for applications is 31 October 2013 for courses starting in 2014
To apply, please click here.

Nigeria LNG Undergraduate Scholarship

The Nigeria LNG Limited Undergraduate Scholarship Award has been an existing scholarship for many years,and it is aim at providing tuition fees to the beneficiaries.
The purpose of Nigeria LNG Scholarship Award Scheme is to promote academic excellence amongst undergraduates in tertiary institutions in Rivers State and the rest of the country.
Targeted Students:
It is open to only First Year undergraduate students in Nigerian Universities.

-You must be a Nigerian.
-Must be a student of the Nigerian University.
The following candidates need not apply.
-Beneficiaries of other scholarships.
-Second (200 Level) to final year students.
-Part-time students

Please ensure you have properly scanned, legible copies of the following documents available before you proceed to submit your application.
•    Scanned copy of passport sized photograph (300 x 300 pixel))
•    Scanned copy of JAMB and/or University admission letter
•    Scanned copy of WAEC/NECO/GCE/O’Levels or A’Level result
•    Scanned copy of School Identity card
•    Scanned copy of Letter of Identification from Local Government of origin

In addition to the following, kindly note that
•    Copies of all documents must not be larger than 300 kilobytes (300 Kb)
•    Scanned copies of all documents should be in the following formats  JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIFF.

Deadline for Undergraduate scholarship is 03 July 2013 .

To apply, please click here

Nottingham Business School Masters scholarshsip

Nottingham Business School is delighted to announce the availability of the following competitive Scholarships for our full-time Masters courses starting in September 2013 and January 2014. Please note that these Scholarships are only available to students who have been offered a place to study on their chosen Masters course within the School.Host school:
Nottingham Trent University

Targeted Student:
The scholarship is open to all international students willing to pursue a masters degree at the University

The following courses are included in this scholarship scheme:
•    MSc Management
•    MSc Management and Entrepreneurial eBusiness
•    MSc Management and Human Resource Management
•    MSc Management and International Business
•    MSc Management and Investment Strategy
•    MSc Management and Marketing
•    MSc Marketing
•    MSc Marketing (Advertising and Communications)
•    MSc Economics and Finance
•    MSc International Finance
•    MSc Strategic Accounting and Finance
•    MSc International Business
•    MSc Human Resource Management
•    MSc Global Business and Management

Scholarship value:
September 2013 start
•    UK / EU students: Up to 48 half fee scholarships up to the value of £4,375 each (50% of fees).
•    International students: Up to 12 scholarships up to the value of £6,475 each (50% of fees).
January 2014 start
•    UK / EU students: Up to 12 half fee scholarships up to the value of £4,375 each (50% of fees).
•    International students: Up to 3 scholarships up to the value of £6,475 each (50% of fees).

Applications received after 4 pm GMT on 30 April and before 4 pm GMT on 30 July will be assessed and successful applicants will be notified of their scholarship award by 20 August 2013.
For courses starting in January 2014 the deadline is 4 pm GMT on:
•    29 November 2013
Applications received before 4 pm GMT on 29 November will be assessed and successful applicants will be notified of their scholarship award by 20 December 2013.

To apply, it is advisable you click here: