Buyer Expeditor vacancy at deep blue sea energy services

The SERVICE consists in providing technical assistance; procuring equipment and services according to the technical specifications and the requirements related to quantity, quality, delivery and further relevant conditions as requested by the various packages.

Specific Activities:
•    To handle purchasing of industrial equipment.
•    To guarantee that operational requirement and deadline are met at all time.
•    To liaise with Suppliers and ensure their production planning and contractual schedule are being strictly followed and adhered to and that all contractor respect and fulfill their scope of work
•    To ensure that all purchases of the project are run through due Tender with proper competition
•    To handle contract below 250 KUSD and ensure SOX Compliance and respect of Client’s Processes.
•    To make sure all contractor and subcontractor respect Nigerian and applicable laws and always act in the best interest of the Client.
•    To communicate with the material management department for preparing supplier lists for each purchased material for speeding up the procurement process and meeting projects requirements in a timely manner.
•    To ensure the follow up of creation of GR, SES and payment of contractor.
•    To guaranty the quality of the data contained in e-Transit, Ariba and UNISUP.
•    To assist in providing periodic analysis of KPIs in order to highlight problems and propose corrective actions.
•    To carry out any other duties that may be assigned by the hierarchy.

The SERVICES will take place in the following location:
– Lagos area, Nigeria at offices designated by company.
Deadline:12th July,2013
To apply, click here


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