ICTP/IAEA Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries

The Sandwich Training Educational Programme (STEP) aims at offering fellowship opportunities to PhD students from developing countries in the fields of physics and mathematics.

The goal of the STEP is to strengthen the scientific capability of young scientists and researchers from developing countries to better contribute and serve the scientific, technical, and economic development of their home countries.

Target Students:
The STEP offers fellowships to candidates from the IAEAmember States

Participating Institutions (Location of Training)
Training and/or research work will take place in one of the following institutions located in the Trieste geographical area: the ICTP, Elettra Synchrotron Light Facility, Trieste Laser Laboratory, International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), International Centre for Science and High Technology (ICS-UNIDO), University of Trieste, National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics-OGS, INFN, Jozef Stefan International Postgraduate School in Ljubljana, Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Friuli Venezia Giulia, and the hospitals of Udine and Trieste.

Training and/or research can also take place at the IAEA laboratories of Seibersdorf, Vienna and the IAEA Marine Laboratory in Monaco.

Course of study
The STEP offers fellowships to candidates from the IAEAmember States in the following fields:
•    atomic and nuclear physics
•    nuclear, isotope and laser techniques applied to:
o    human health
o    agriculture
o    biotechnology and biophotonics
o    water resources and environmental studies
•    synchrotron radiation and applications
•    medical radiation physics
The IAEA must receive an official endorsement for the fellow from the fellow’s country.

Fellowships are also provided by the ICTP, within its scientific and technical competence, to candidates from developing countries in the fields listed below:
•    condensed matter and statistical physics
•    high energy physics
•    mathematics
•    earth system physics
•    applied physics, including
o    micro- and nano-electronics
o    fluid dynamics
o    dense plasma source physics
Sponsorship duration
The fellowships are awarded for a period of at least three months to be spent by the fellows at host institutes during the first year. Pending the approval of the host institute and the two supervisors, the fellowship is renewable for up to two additional successive years.

Scholarship Value:
The STEP fellowship includes a stipend of EU 1,400 per month during each stay at the host institute as well as the costs of travel and medical insurance.

It is understood that, during all other periods not covered by the STEP fellowship, i.e. when at the home institute, all support needed for continuing and finishing the fellow’s research work is provided by other funding sources.

Structure of the Scheme:
•    Applications are expected from students in developing countries who are enrolled in a PhD course at their home university. PhD students who are supervised by an ICTP Associate are encouraged to apply.
•    The programme aims at an equitable participation of fellows, and therefore especially welcomes applications from woman scientists.
•    Awards are assigned by the merit of the thesis proposed by the home country advisor, as decided by the STEP selection committee. Once a STEP fellow is selected, the ICTP will assign the fellow to the appropriate host institute with a designated co-advisor. The advisors from both the home and the host institutes will jointly supervise the fellow’s research. The two advisors are expected to coordinate the research and training work of the fellow, which is concluded when the fellow student obtains the PhD at his/her home institute.
Method of Application
The STEP fellowship application forms can be downloaded below. Applications should be submitted to the ICTP Office of External Activities (OEA).

There are two annual deadlines to submit application: 15 February and 15 August of each year, for applications to be considered at the Spring meeting and at the Fall meeting, respectively, of the STEP selection Committee.

To apply, click here

For further information please contact:

ICTP-IAEA Sandwich Training Educational Programme
c/o Office of External Activities
Fermi Bldg., Via Beirut, 6
34151 Trieste; Italy

Telephone no. +39 040 22 40 322
Telefax no. +39 040 22 40 443
E-mail: calligar@ictp.it


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