Catholic cardinal calls Jesus ‘world’s first tweeter’

Daniel Bean, Yahoo News 15 hours ago

Cardinal Ravasi says Jesus was “world’s first tweeter” (credit: The Telegraph/GETTY)
“Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets.”

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Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford

The Clarendon Fund is the University of Oxford’s flagship scholarship scheme. The awards are sponsored by Oxford University Press and are only available at the University of Oxford for all full-time and part-time graduate degrees.
Host Institution(s):University of Oxford in United Kingdom

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USH Transform Together Scholarships for International Students

Transform Together scholarships are open to students from any non-EU country applying to study at Sheffield Hallam University to enrol in the 2013/14 academic year. The scholarships are specially targeted to international students who want to represent the international student body at Sheffield Hallam University through various activities during the academic year and after graduation.

Host Institution(s):
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Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme for International Students

The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) aims at attracting the best and brightest students in the world to pursue their PhD programmes in Hong Kong’s institutions.

The HKPFS was established by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC) in 2009. The RGC functions as a non-statutory advisory body responsible for advising the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, through the University Grants Committee (UGC), on the needs of Hong Kong’s higher education institutions in the field of academic research and for the distribution of funding for academic research Continue reading

Korean Government Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students (KGSP-U)

The Korean Government through the National Institute for International Education (NIIED) offers the Korean Government Scholarship Program for an undergraduate degree (KGSP-U).

The aim of the program is to provide international students with an opportunity to conduct advanced studies at higher educational institutions in Korea in order to promote international exchanges in education and mutual friendship between the countries.

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Tunisian Girls Are Coming Home Pregnant After Performing ‘Sexual Jihad’ In Syria

According to yahoo news
REUTERS/Asmaa Waguih

A member of the Free Syrian Army stands guard at a checkpoint they took over early on Monday
A number of girls from Tunisia have become pregnant after traveling to Syria to participate in “sexual jihad,” according to Lotfi Bin Jeddo, Tunisia’s Interior Minister.
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How & Why You Should Live A Life of Integrity

Have you ever stopped to assess how honest you are? Most people lie almost every single day, or at least omit the truth, and hide their real thoughts and feelings about what is happening. Why do people do this? Let’s explore that in an open and honest discussion, including what it’s like to live with integrity at all times… to be genuine and real.
Most people consider themselves to be “good”. After a career of working with dangerous and recidivist offenders, I have had some of the most dishonest and selfish people in New Zealand tell me time and time again that they see Continue reading

The Most Important Trait Every Entrepreneur Needs To Achieve Their Goals & Dreams

I recently finished another book by the infamous Dan Kennedy. For those of you who have not heard of Dan Kennedy, he’s one of the top business and marketing coaches in the world, and if you’re somewhat interested in entrepreneurship, I highly suggest you pick up one of his books (He has written over 30, search Amazon and I’m sure you’ll find a variety).
The book I finished recently was his latest masterpiece, entitled “Wealth Attraction in the New Economy”, and really opened my eyes up to what it takes to be successful and financially independent. The question this Continue reading