Cannabis Cat Smuggled Drugs Into Moldova Jail: lol….Video Iniside

According to sky news:

Animals e.g cats are now being used to smuggle drugs into the jail,Guards at the jail in the village of Pruncul became suspicious when they saw an odd collar on the black and grey feline on the neck of the cat which was a regular visitor to the jail,which routinely entered through a hole in a fence.
On closer inspection, they found two packets of cannabis attached to the purple collar.
When the cat was caught and the content of the bags revealed, it became obvious that the cat was about to deliver drugs to prisoners, the jail said.

The Department of Penitentiary Institutions said that someone in Pruncul was using the cat as a courier to supply inmates at the local prison.

It is not the first time an unwitting feline has been used to infiltrate a prison.

Earlier this year, authorities at a Brazilian jail apprehended a cat with a mobile phone and tunnel-digging tools strapped to its stomach.

And in northern Russia guards caught a cat carrying mobile phones and chargers taped to its belly to inmates in a prison near the city of Syktyvkar.
Go here to watch video :Skynews

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