ETH Zurich Master Scholarship Programme

ETH Zurich supports excellent students wishing to pursue a Master’s degree at ETH with two scholarship programmes:
Under the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP) students receive a special scholarship for the duration of their programme as well as specific supervision.
The scholarship covers the full study and living costs during their Master’s degree course.
Under the Master Scholarship Programme (MSP) students receive a partial stipend during their Master’s degree course and the offer of an assistantship.

Who can apply?
The scholarship programmes are open to excellent students both from the ETH and from other universities (national and international) wishing to pursue their Master’s degree at ETH Zurich. The prerequisite is a very good result in their Bachelor’s. Students must belong to the best 10 percent of their Bachelor’s programme.
The application consists of
•an application form (the same for both programmes)
•a letter of motivation
•a pre-proposal for your Master’s thesis (see the separate
•letters of recommendation from two professors
All information provided in the application must be complete and correct. The pre-proposal for the Master’s thesis must be developed by the applicant him/herself and use established scientific citation practice (see here for further information ).
Plagiarism, negligent or intentional misinformation will lead to exclusion from the admission process or – if discovered later – to the revocation of the admission and of any scholarship.

Scholarship Value:

  • The Excellence Scholarship consists of a grant covering living and study expenses (CHF 1,750 per month)  T
  • Tuition fee waiver. The scholarship begins when the student commences his or her Master’s degree and is awarded for the regular duration of the Master’s programme (three or four semesters). It is awarded independently of the scholarship holder’s financial situation.
  • The Master Scholarship Programme consists of a partial stipend for living and study expenses (CHF 850 per month during the first semester and CHF 600 per month from the second semester onwards) as well as a tuition fee waiver. After the first semester there is the possibility of taking on an assistantship (with a payment of CHF 600 per month).

The applications are evaluated by the Admissions Committees of the respective Master’s programmes. The final decision for awarding scholarships in the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme and in the Master Scholarship Programme rests with the Rector of the ETH. The number of annual scholarships depends on the availability of funds.
Deadline: 15th, December 2013

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