Korean Government Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students (KGSP-U)

The Korean Government through the National Institute for International Education (NIIED) offers the Korean Government Scholarship Program for an undergraduate degree (KGSP-U).

The aim of the program is to provide international students with an opportunity to conduct advanced studies at higher educational institutions in Korea in order to promote international exchanges in education and mutual friendship between the countries.

Participating InstitutionsAll accredited Korean Universities designated by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED)

Fields of Study4-year undergraduate degree programs provided by the participating universities. Please NOTE that fields which exceed 4 years(e.g. Medicine, dentistry, architecture) are NOT Applicable.
Academic Programs: Undergraduate degree course (4 yrs) after preliminary Korean Language course (1yr)

Number of awardsAbout 110 awards from more than 62 countries

Sponsorship durationWhole duration of approved courses

Scholarship benefitsFor undergraduate scholarship:
1.    Airplane ticket or airfare: The grantees will receive an airplane ticket or be paid an economy class airfare of the shortest route between their country and Korea when they come to Korea, and, thereafter, when they leave Korea after completion of their study.
2.    Monthly Stipend: 800,000 won per month
3.    Tuitions: The full tuition is exempted by the Korean Government and the entrance fee for the first semester by the host university.
4.    Settlement Allowance: 200,000 won upon arrival
5.    Repatriation Allowance: 100,000 won upon completion of studies
6.    Korean Language Training Expenses: The full costs up to 1 year (NIIED pays directly to the language training institution)
7.    Medical Insurance: The grantees will be provided with health insurance for major accidents and illnesses during their scholarship period.
Additional information:•    NIIED does not compensate fees for the domestic travel both in the grantee’s country and Korea.
•    Airfare for entry into Korea will not be provided to a grantee that has been staying in Korea as of the date of announcement of successful candidates
•    NIIED does not compensate fees for insurance for traveling to and from Korea.
•    The medical fee is to be reimbursed through the insurance company to the grantee after s/he pays first. However, the expense for dental clinic or chronic disease will not be covered.
•    Any grantee who gives up his/her study during the scholarship period will not receive airfare and allowance for repatriation.
•    Any grantee that quits the program within 3 months after s/he entering Korea, should refund all scholarship fees (The airfare of arriving Korea, settlement allowance, monthly stipend, Korean language training

EligibilityProspective applicant must meet the following qualification criteria:
1.    Must be a citizen of the country to which scholarships are offered, which is also applied to his/her parents
※ Both applicant and his/her parents must NOT be a holder of Korean citizenship
2.    Should be under 25 years of age as of March 1st of the invitation year  (Should be born after March, 1, 1989)
3.    Have adequate health, both physically and mentally
NOT Eligible: those who are pregnant or who have a severe illness
4.    Have graduated or be scheduled to graduate from a high school as of March 1st of the invitation year
NOT Eligible: those who have already obtained a bachelor’s degree or a higher degree
5.    Must possess above 80% (out of 100%) cumulative grade point average (CGPA), or must be within the top 20% (out of 100%) in rank in high school.
6.    Must not at any time have ever received a Korean government scholarship for an undergraduate study
7.    Must not have enrolled in an undergraduate course in Korea before
NOT Eligible: those who have ever enrolled at a Korean university as an exchange student
8.    Must have no limitations in travelling abroad
9.    They may be preferential selection for applicants who have proficiency in Korean or English
Eligible groups
Only those who hold a citizenship of the countries below are eligible for the program:
Afghanistan       1
Ethiopia            3
Myanmar          1
Singapore          1
Angola              2
Gabon               1
Nepal                3
South Africa     1
Azerbaijan        1
Ghana               2
Nigeria             2
Sri Lanka         3
Bangladesh      3
Guatemala       1
Oman               1
Sweden           1
Bolivia            2
Indonesia        2
Pakistan          2
Tajikistan        1
Brazil              2
Iran                 2
Panama           2
Tanzania         1
Brunei             1
Japan              2
Paraguay        2
Thailand        1
Bulgaria        1
Kazakhstan    2
Peru               3
Timor-Este    1
Butan            1
Kenya           2
Philippines    2
Turkey          1
Cambodia     2
Kuwait          1
Poland          1
Uganda        1
Chile            1
Kyrgyzstan    2
Romania       2
Ukraine        2
Colombia     3
Laos            2
Rwanda       1
Uzbekistan    2
Congo(DRC)    1
Malaysia    1
Russia*    2
Venezuela    1
Dominica    2
Mexico    2
Saudi Arabia    1
Vietnam*    2
Egypt    1
Mongolia    3
Senegal    1
Yemen    1
El Salvador    1
Mozambique    1
*Russia (Moscow 1, Vladivostok 1),
Vietnam (Hanoi 1, Ho Chi Minh 1)

Method of ApplicationApplicants can only apply for the Korean Government Scholarships through the Korean Embassy in their home country or a participating Korean University.

Visit the websites of Korean Embassy/Consulate in your own country.

DEADLINES:Application deadlines are as set forth by the Korean Embassy or Consulate.
For Undergraduate Program, the Korean Embassy or Consulate will recommend qualified candidates to NIIED by 15 November 2013. Be sure to apply before this period.

As for detailed information on application deadlines and submission of required documents, applicants should contact the APPROPRIATE KOREAN EMABASSY or CONSULATE in the country of applicant’s origin (or in the neighboring country), the 1st selection organization.
TO apply, click here
PLEASE NOTE:Applications SHOULD be made through the 1st selection organization. Applications DIRECTLY FROM AN APPLICANT or THROUGH FOREIGN EMBASSIES IN KOREA are NOT accepted.

ContactTel: 02-3668-1357
Fax: 02-743-4992
Email: ahnj@mest.go.kr



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