The Federal Government of Nigeria plans to develop a critical mass of professionals who would serve as catalysts of change and agents of scientific and technological advancement, as well as sustainable economic development. This would be achieved through the sponsorship of outstanding students for postgraduate studies in the top 25 universities in the world. To this end, the Federal Government has instituted the Presidential Special Scholarship Scheme for Innovation and Development.
The PRESSID Implementation Committee now invites applications from qualified candidates for the second edition of the scheme (2014/2015 academic session). Continue reading


Are you Bald? Keep calm, your problem will soon be solved;postID=868277751265691749;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=1;src=link
Researchers are on the verge of cloning cells capable growing hairs again, according to sky news
The transplanted cells re-programmed the skin to grow new hair follicles
Scientists have discovered how to grow human hair in a laboratory in a pioneering technique that could offer a “cure” for baldness.
Hair-growth cells are found at the base of hair follicles and are known as dermal papillae (skin nipples).

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Cannabis Cat Smuggled Drugs Into Moldova Jail: lol….Video Iniside

According to sky news:

Animals e.g cats are now being used to smuggle drugs into the jail,Guards at the jail in the village of Pruncul became suspicious when they saw an odd collar on the black and grey feline on the neck of the cat which was a regular visitor to the jail,which routinely entered through a hole in a fence.
On closer inspection, they found two packets of cannabis attached to the purple collar.
When the cat was caught and the content of the bags revealed, it became obvious that the cat was about to deliver drugs to prisoners, the jail said. Continue reading

Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld Scholarship and Leadership Programme

The Louis Dreyfus–Weidenfeld Scholarship and Leadership Programme supports outstanding postgraduate students from transition and emerging economies throughout Africa, Asia and South America.
The Louis Dreyfus Foundation aims to promote sustainable agriculture, food security and self-sufficiency, particularly through education and direct support to farmers, with a specific focus on emerging countries in the above-mentioned regions.
One of the Foundation’s goals is to address the challenge facing humanity to double global food production in a sustainable way in order to feed a rapidly growing population. Continue reading

Training and master scholarships in Belgium

Beurzen Zuid algemeenVLIR-UOS awards scholarships to students from 54 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin-America, to follow a training or master programme at a Flemish university or university college in Belgium. The training and master programmes are taught in English. They are designed to enable graduates to assume positions of responsibility in their country of origin.
The master programmes, lasting one or two academic years, focus on specific problems of developing countries and/or are relevant to developing countries in a more general sense. They are designed to enable graduates to share and apply acquired knowledge in the home institution and country.
In the training programmes, lasting one to four months, the focus is on updating and adding knowledge, as well as about transferring acquired skills that are relevant to individuals working in institutions in developing countries. Continue reading

The University of Toronto and The MasterCard Foundation Scholarship

The University of Toronto and The MasterCard Foundation are pleased to offer The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Toronto for the 2014-2015 academic year. This comprehensive scholarship provides talented, yet financially disadvantaged students from Sub-Saharan Africa with access to relevant university education. The Program aims to educate and enable students to contribute to the economic growth and social development of their countries of origin.

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